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Donation of Needed Items2019-05-10T23:22:04+00:00

We are grateful for all donations we receive! We understand much generosity and work has gone into each donation. We do have limited storage space for physical items which are donated to us. Therefore, we prefer monetary donations (including gift cards for the commissary and PX and local establishments). This enables us to purchase items as needed and keep our inventory fresh and new.

Please note, for health reasons, we cannot accept most used items. Including but not limited to clothing, shoes, bedding, toiletries, and food not approved by management. You are always welcome to contact the house manager to discuss your specific donation.

Items that are always accepted and greatly appreciated are:

  • Cash/Checks/Money Orders
  • Gift Cards for AAFES (and other local retailers)
  • Visa Gift Cards
  • Gift Vouchers for the Commissary

  • Thank you to Sergeant Morales Club for hosting a supply drive for items on our donation wish list!
  • Thank you to the Ferrulli family for asking for donations for us in lieu of gifts at their daughter's 3rd birthday! What a special little girl!
  • A GIANT thank you to the Air Force Flight Standard Agency - ERMC (AFFSA ERMC/XMRE) for holding an amazing supply drive for us!
  • Thank you to the "Feds Feed Families" program which benefited us greatly this year!
  • Recently, The MOMS Club of Kaiserslautern held an amazing supply drive for us! They also gifted us with Commissary gift cards!