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Virtual Tour House 1

/Virtual Tour House 1

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This is the exterior of Landstuhl Fisher House 1 located at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. We have two homes located within walking distance of the hospital.  

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Our homes offer common areas to be enjoyed by guests. House 1 has a very comfortable living room with a large library of books and DVDs that have been graciously donated by the community.

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Our dining rooms provide an opportunity to not only share a meal with other families but in doing so create bonds that can last a lifetime.

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Our kitchens are shared by all the guests in the house. The kitchens are wheelchair accessible and designed to accommodate several people at one time. Each room is assigned a lockable pantry and refrigerator space.

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This guest room contains two German sized twin beds. Each room contains a phone, TV, DVD player, bathroom and toiletries.