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Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight 2018-02-24T20:38:30+00:00

“It’s not how much you have but what you have left behind when you leave this earth.”   … that really matters  Mr. Zachary Fisher


We appreciate each of our volunteers and the love, talent and time they so graciously give to our mission. The following volunteers have gone above and beyond and we are excited to highlight their generosity for all to see!

Meet our new Volunteer Coordinator, Toni Odom

We’ve said it a million times but it still rings true…our volunteers are our life’s blood. We would never be able to carry out our mission of providing a home away from home without the love and talents of our volunteers. That being said, we have had a lot of

  • Emily Mabe

Emily Mabe

We are very pleased to announce our previous Volunteer Coordinator, Mrs. Emily Mabe, was named the 2016 Army Fisher House Volunteer of the Year as well as the 2016 Fisher House Foundation Volunteer of the year! Emily now volunteers as our Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator.

Emily began volunteering with us