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Photography Team Leader: Mary Martin

Mary is an incredibly talented photographer who lends her time and talents to us! We are so grateful!



Getting to Know Mary Martin

 Where is home?Originally from Missouri, but will be calling Tennessee home when my husband retires from the Air Force in 2019.

How did you first learn about the Landstuhl Fisher House?

When I was volunteering for the Red Cross, and checked out their Facebook page.

Why have you decided to volunteer with us?

I saw a Facebook post about volunteer needs and thought I could help with my background in photography.

When did you first know photography would be a passion of yours?

Started in high school photo class where we still shot film and processed it all by hand from negatives to paper. I would shoot school sports for the yearbook and got a few published in the local paper. Decided to study photography at Central Missouri State University where I graduated with a B.S. in 2004.

What do you anticipate the most from your volunteer work with us?

Looking forward to meeting new people and sharing the Fisher House story!

Tell us about yourself!

Moved to Germany with my husband Bill and our furbaby Hines (chocolate lab) in 2016 and we are loving traveling everywhere. We brought our motorcycles from the states and have enjoyed riding through the villages of Europe. During the weekends we love hiking with our pup, bicycling and eating our way through the many festivals.