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Virtual Tour of the Houses 2017-03-29T09:43:36+00:00

We understand our guests require our services during very trying times in their lives. We hope the below virtual tour of our homes as well as testimonials from previous guests will help take away some of the unknown aspects of staying with us.

Virtual Tour – House 1

  • VTH1 Slide 1

    The Exterior of Landstuhl Fisher House 1 located on Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

  • VTH1 Slide 2

    Our homes offer common areas to be enjoyed by guests. House 1 has a very comfortable living room with a large library of books and DVDs that have been graciously donated by the community.

  • VTH1 Slide 3

    The shared dinning rooms allow guests a place to gather in during meal times and get to know each other. Families calling our homes "home" usually form very strong bonds with the other families in the houses.

  • VTH1 Slide 4

    Our kitchens are shared by all the guests in the house. The kitchens are wheelchair accessible and designed to accommodate several people at one time. Each room is assigned a lockable pantry and refrigerator space.

  • VTH1 Slide 5

    This guest room contains two German sized twin beds. Each room contains a phone, TV, DVD player, bathroom and toiletries.

Virtual Tour – House 2

  • VTH2 Slide 1

    This is the exterior of Fisher House 2 located on Landstuhl Region Medical Center. We have two homes located within walking distance to the hospital.

  • VTH2 Slide 2

    Each of our houses have shared common areas for residents to utilize. The living room in House 2 has a library of books and DVDs for guests of all ages.

  • VTH2 Slide 3

    The dinning room is another shared space in House 2. Guests can visit with each other during meal times.

  • VTH2 Slide 4

    The kitchen is shared by all the guests in the house. It is wheelchair accessible and can accommodate several people at one time. Each room is assigned a lockable food cabinet and shelf space in the refrigerator.

  • VTH2 Slide 5

    House 2 was designed for guess with children in mind. This room offers a space for children to play with toys, games and books donated by the community. There is also a TV and DVDs for children. It is conveniently located off the kitchen.

  • VTH2 Slide 6

    This is one of the guest rooms with a German queen sized bed. This bed is slightly larger than an American sized queen sized bed. Each guest room included a TV, phone, DVD player, bathroom and toiletries.