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    Fisher House 2 was designed to accommodate guests with children. This beautiful house contains a playroom and 10 guest rooms.

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    Landstuhl Fisher House 1 is just as beautiful and comfortable as House 2! Both houses are located within walking distance of the hospital.

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    Please consider supporting us in the 2018 CFC! You can make a tax deductible secure donation from our website by clicking the red CFC button on the top or side of the page (depending on your viewing device)!

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    We would like to thank Service Credit Union for their ongoing support! On 16 May 2018 they made an incredibly generous $3000.00 donation to our mission! The Service Credit Union has been a long time supporter of us and we are incredibly grateful!

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    Thank you to the 56 volunteers who graciously gave their time in September. Your support was vital in our ability to help 91 families feel at home with us!

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    On 11 SEP 2018, we had the privilege of meeting MG Maciej JABŁOŃSKI - 12th Mechanized Division Commander from the Polish Army, who presented the Landstuhl Fisher House a letter of appreciation, as well as, a plaque of their crest to thank us for taking care of families of Polish Soldiers. We were so incredibly honored!

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    House 1 is currently closed for renovations. House 2 remains open and a “Home away from Home” for our families! Stay tuned for updates and photos of the progress!

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    Thank you Miss Emmaline for our beautiful picture! Emmaline, who is 3, and her family recently called Landstuhl Fisher House Home!

The Two Landstuhl Fisher Houses provide a “home away from home” for families and patients receiving medical care at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Landstuhl, Germany. Families served are from all branches of service throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. As of today, we are proud to have supported 20,077 families of which more than 2,868 have come from Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF- Afghanistan) or Operation New Dawn (formerly Operation Iraqi Freedom OIF).

We are also proud to say we have assisted numerous coalition countries during their families’ time of need.


“Thank you for a port in the storm. I met some wonderful people during the worst time in my life. I will keep Fisher House in my prayers. This home is a light in a dark tunnel.”

“It was so comforting to know that during shift changes at the hospital I had a place to go and shower, rest or just clear my mind. Thank you for providing this sanctuary for my family. It has helped in this most difficult time.”

“I can say it all in just five words YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Thank you!!”
“At times I nearly forgot this wasn’t home. Thanks for a great home away from home!”
“Thank you for the hospitality, sympathy, and open arms. I have never seen such caring hearts or a place like this. I will remember my time here for the rest of my days. Thank you again.”

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to be so close to my daughter during her recovery. The safe, clean and friendly environment has been such a blessing. Thank you so much for providing this home away from home.”

“I am still amazed at the support here, the amount of food, and the supplies for babies and children. I am so proud of everyone involved with keeping the Fisher Houses in shape because it’s so comforting in a time of need!”